Why seeking Termite Prevention Services now can save you big time!

When cooler weather is on the horizon, it is the perfect time to tackle termite issues in Southeast Louisiana. Overall, the state of Louisiana has a significant issue with the highly active and extremely damaging pests according to the Termite Infestation Probability Map. The information rates each state according to termites expected activity. In Louisiana, termite issues are noted as being ‘very heavy.’ Due to this high activity rating it is no wonder why home and business owners need the on-going professional termite services of a long-established pest control company such as RPC Pest Solutions.

termite infestation eating a wooden floor of a home

Termite Damage

When termites are swarming in Hammond and surrounding parishes, it is a warning for residential and commercial owners who do not have an annual protection plan in place that their homes and businesses are in jeopardy and susceptible to severe and costly damage.

Termites build/create colonies and if these colonies are left alone with no intervention using specific termite services, there is no end to the amount of damage termites can do to the entire structure. Several signs that termites are active include damaged or hollowed wood, blistered flooring, exterior mud tubes, and discarded termite wings.

If termites are left alone to eat their way through a home or business building, the cost of repair and replacement can easily run into the thousands of dollars. A better investment is in an annual termite protection plan to have the structure inspected for termites followed by a treatment to eliminate the pests.

Termite Activity in Louisiana

Several species of termites reside in Louisiana due to its humid and warm environment. The most common in our service areas include the Formosan Subterranean termites and Native subterranean termites. When the temperatures cool down in Southeast Louisiana, termites lie low making them dormant. Since termite activity is not an issue during this time, offering termite control services to eliminate active swarms is not at the top of the list for some Louisiana pest control companies. Not so with RPC. This is the time of year when we offer a generous 20% discount for our termite services, which results in significant savings of as much as $160.00 or more for the year for residential and commercial customers.

Benefits of a Termite Protection Plan

At RPC Pest Solutions, keeping your property termite-free is our goal, year-round. For customers concerned they have a termite problem, we offer a free inspection so a plan of action can be determined. For customers with our annual termite protection contract are not charged if termites return once the structure has been treated. With our annual termite renewal agreement, when it is kept up to date, RPC doesn’t force you to pay for an expensive retreatment every 5 years.

Do not wait until warm temperatures return. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment and save money and the integrity of your home by taking advantage of our seasonal discount to avoid a termite infestation.