RPC's Home Protection Plan

RPC doesn’t just eliminate your immediate pest problem. We protect your home from pests … always, with our Home Protection Plan.

Our expert inspectors meticulously examine each and every inch of your home to understand the scope of the problem. We’ll then apply technologically advanced bait and monitoring devices throughout your kitchen, bathrooms, and utility room.

  • To keep your home protected we also:
  • Treat attics once every calendar year, or more frequently if needed
  • Remove all spider webs, dirt dauber nests, and wasp nests from the perimeter of your home and carports
  • Apply a residual barrier along the perimeter of your home using a power sprayer
  • Apply granules around your home and on ant mounds in your yard


Our thorough approach to home protection is designed to control roaches, rats, mice, silverfish, crickets, earwigs, spiders and ants. We perform this program four times per year and guarantee our pest-free results.