Don't let rodents turn your home into a Sandals resort this Holiday season!

When planning a Holiday getaway at a quality resort, there is usually a list of things on the checklist that the hotel must have to ensure a pleasant stay. A spacious yet cozy room, privacy, security, and access to food and water – these are the basics. Just like we require certain amenities where we plan to spend time, so do rodents. When the four-legged travelers find the same type of amenities you look for inside your Southeast Louisiana home, whether it be the attic, basement, or the rooms in-between, rest assured the rodents will be reserving their spot for an extended stay.

RPC Pest solutions, Holiday decorations overrun with mice.

Signs of Rodent Guests

Rodents are not the type of guests you want in your home for several reasons. They are messy, destructive, and pose a health issue. The messiness comes from their droppings that are not confined to one specific area, such as a bathroom. Have you ever pulled out your Christmas decorations only to find the stockings and trimmings over run with mouse droppings? The destructiveness comes from their desire to chew things like the wiring to the Christmas tree lights and other materials.

Rodent issues on the health front include diseases such as salmonella, leptospirosis, tularemia, rat-bite fever, and hantavirus. The viruses, infections, and bacteria carried by rodents is the extra baggage they bring along for their short or long-term Holiday vacation.

Handling Rodent Infestations

While rodents are lounging away on Holiday in the comfort of your home, the first step for homeowners is putting a pest control plan of action into play. Things to take a look at to ensure your home does not become the hottest Holiday vacay spot in Hammond is doing a visual check for things like torn screens, openings around pipes that enter the residence, and fixing cracks and holes that need to be caulked and sealed. You’ll also want to be sure containers around the house such as decoration totes and garbage cans are secure and the contents disposed of regularly, and no food is left on counters that rodents can easily get to and feast on at their leisure.

The next step in handling a rodent infestation is contacting and scheduling a free inspection with RPC Pest Solutions. A family-owned professional pest control company since 1985, the experienced staff at RPC know what it takes to rid your home of unwanted guests and how to do it quickly, efficiently, and permanently. 

Service with a Smile

When your home has become the preferred Holiday destination location for rodents, RPC knows how to speed up the check-out process using state-of-the-art bait and monitoring devices. The process begins with an inspection of the home from top to bottom followed by a consultation to create a customized solution specific to the rodent issues your home is experiencing. This means you pay only for the services you need versus one-price-fits-all pricing. Once your home is pest free, the company’s Home Protection Plan will make sure your residence is clear of free-loading rodents year-round.

When you prefer peace of mind being served at your home versus the stress of knowing rodents are relaxing and taking advantage of your home’s amenities, contact our staff at RPC Pest Solutions and let us permanently remove your home from the list of popular rodent Holiday resorts.